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I fly mainly outdoor, but at least once a year I fly indoor at the International Indoor Fly-In in Nijmegen. At this IIFI I fly mainly scale models, but also the duration classes Sainte Formule and Hand Launched Glider (F1N). But I especially like to build living room models.

In this webpage I won't discuss the scale models as they are described extensively on other pages of this website. But I do like to mention that I build my scale models fo outdoor use. The one time I use them for indoor purpose I just use a thinner rubber motor, for the rest they don't need any changes.

The models described on this indoor page can't be flown outdoor, as they are too fragile and light.

Living room

These aren't models which are used in contests, but which which give an enormous amount of fun when flown in the living room or office. Especially the Fleur-de-Lis is a model which is built succesfully by a lot of people.

At this moment I am designing a model built out of common materials, such as bamboo kebab sticks, sandwich bags and office elastic bands as rubber motor. The first steps look promising and if it is succesful it can help more people on their start into our wonderful hobby.


Phantom II
span 17 cm
weight 1 gram
span 15 cm
weight 0,5 gram
span 11 cm
weight 0,21 gram
Phantom Flash
span 15 cm
weight 1 gram
Phantom Fleur-de-Lis Anemoon Phantom Flash
span 15 cm
weight 1 gram
span 20 cm
weight 3 gram
span 6 cm
weight 130 milligram
span ?
weight ?
Skully Iota MicroCopter   Bamboe


These are models which fit international classes, such as those which are used on the IIFI.

span 33 cm
weight 3 gram
Hand Launched Glider
span 45 cm
weight 6 gram
Sainte F1N
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last modified: 10-nov-2012