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onderdelen This is a miniature version of the famous Phantom Flash, a simple model designed by Joe Konefes in 1937. Characteristic are the skulls on th wing and the elegant landing gear struts. The model is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor flying. A free plan can be found at the plan section.

The original Phantom Flash has a wingspan of 16.5" or 41 cm. But mine is built with a span of 16,5 centimeter. That's  2,54 times smaller, and the wing area is more than 6 times smaller!

The model is easy to build, especially when built a bit bigger than mine.... The wooden parts weigh 0,32 gram. In the picture the balsa parts of Joshua Finn's  full scale PF are shown.

My model is covered with condensor paper, which is almost transparent. To give it some colour I used markers to add the skulls and the red overall colour.

The finished weight is 0.47 grams. I've flown my PF a few times on a loop of 0.39 g/m rubber but it is very fast and more suited for a big hall than for my living room. The next thickness I've used was 0.24 g/m and this is probably to weak, so I have to cut something in between. Not an easy task.... I use a rubber stripper of unknown origin and quite a bit of patience. I use 4.5 mm rubber from which I cut a very thin sliver. The 4.5 mm helps to get consistent results, thinner rubber seems to be to flexible. In these thin sizes I can't get long strips. Often I get only 10 cm before the rubber slips away between the knives. This strip was 20 cm long and about 0,33 g/m which BTW was quite hard to measure. The process is entirely trial and error and I get a lot of different sizes. These get labelled and stored for future use. The thinnest is about 0.2 g/m!

Phantom Flash propeller en lager Zo klein is hij

Other builders, span 16.5"

Joshua Finn Bill Carney Alan Cohen
Joshua Finn Bill Carney Alan Cohen

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