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I designed the Skully after watching The Pirates of the Caribean. The model has a span of 15 centimeter spanwijdte and weighs about 1 gram. This is sufficiently light and small for living room flying.
The holes for the eyes, nose and mouth looks nice, but are also needed for good flying qualities. The propellor is made from a cottage cheese container. How to make a cottage cheese propeller can be found in the tips section of my site.

Skully Overkill

Howard from North Southhampton named his model Skully Overkill and wrote:

Hi Wout,

Skully Overkill is 275 mm span, I was trying to double it but gave up battling with the prog I used to enlarge it and left it at that. I used 2 mm Depron and had to lenghten the stick somewhat to get it to balance with a long loop of 1/8" rubber, the CG with rubber is 35mm behind the leading edge of the skull. It weighs 11 grams including the noseweight blob of BluTack but not the rubber. The first picture is by courtesy of my pal Robin Tuff and the other two are mine, no probs with putting any of them on your website we will be honoured, thanks. I'm sure Matthew would be better off enlarging it a bit more to keep a good size weight ratio with the thicker material, mine is approx .1gm/sq ins. I am looking forward to flying Skully again this Sunday at the Totton indoor meeting and raising a few more laughs and giggles.

Regards, Howard


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