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This Fokker G1 is a variation on Raymond Malmstrom's Avenger, published in the Aeromodeller in 1943. The picture on the right shows an original Avenger. When I saw this model I immediately thought of the Fokker G1. Although my version is clearly not a scale model it is easily recognisable as a Fokker G1.


The fuse is cut from light 3 mm balsa. The wing is made from build up ribs in which all ribs are cut using the same template. The length of the ribs is adjusted by removing the rear of the rib so it fits nicely between the LE and TE. Not visible on the construction photo are the half ribs which are mounted between the LE and the top of the spar.


The model is covered with ink jet printed white tissue. To do so a sheet of gegular paper is coated lightly with repositionable spray glue. A sheet of tissue is attached to the paper and the combination isfed into the pinter. To make the tissue waterproof I sprayed it with hairspray, but it still is only slightly waterresistant.

To attach the paper to the model it first is dampened by putting it between damp (not wet!) towels. The damp tissue is used to cover the model and the tissue will shrink slightly when dry. The model is then finished with regular dope.


The model has tw counter rotating propellors which I've cut from willow. I didn't use a freewheel because it won't add much flight time for this model.

When winding the rubber motors the props are fixed with two wire pins which fit into two small tubes on the motor sticks. To start the model the yellow thread is pulled out which removes the two pins.

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