Koolhoven F.K.56

Nederlandse tekst

Een originele Polly, gebouwd door Al Backstrom

This is a model of the Koolhoven F.K.56 advanced trainer. The model is built as a "root canal", a profile scale model with a cut out for the rubber. It is simply built from 2 mm balsa for the fuselagee, 1 mm for the tailsurfaces and 1.5 mm for the wings. There is no airfoil sanded in the wing.
The model is finished with a spray can of light blue. The markings are painted with acryllic on white paper, cut out and glued on. The canopy is black marker and silver paint.
The model has a cartoon like character which I like very much.
The nose bearing is from two pieces of brass, the rear part can be bent to adjust the thrust direction of the prop.
The model has flown and turned in a few nice flights. It needed some more down and right thrust which was easily adjusted by bending the brass rear bearing. It climbs nicely on a loop of 3/32".
Span is 30 cm, weight about 7 gram.


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