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I've built a 12" wingspan FROG Chrislea Skyjeep from depron. The full size Skyjeep is a two-seater from 1949. The Frog model is one of the Junior Serie Scale Models and by following that link a plan can be downloaded for free.


The depron is from a 1/4" white depron pizza platter which I cut into 1/20 sheets using a hot wire. The solid blocks for the nose, chin, etc are from unsliced depron. Colouring is by using markers. Because the depron is slightly transparent I have put the depron sheets directly over the plan and traced the details on the plan. The wing struts are functional, the depron flexes too much without them. The finished model weighs 6 grams.


I've flown the skyjeep for the first time and it flew very well! I used a short loop of 1/16" on which it barely climbed. After giving a bit of up elevator it climbed nicely to a cruising height of about 3 meters. Most flights ended with a few turns left on the motor. I will make a longer and slightly thicker motor for this model for the next flying session.

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